Sonny has a goal to share randomly timed informal chats with wonderful friends/creatives from around the globe – musicians, songwriters, recording engineers, producers, music industry executives, event producers and anyone else that has contributed to the music of a generation. The key question is how did they start.
Here they share their stories with the soul purpose to inspire other creatives to believe that success is possible. Listen to hear the mindset and habits adopted early in their careers – never giving up, believing in themselves, seizing opportunities, making it happen and forging a successful business doing what they loved.

The First Music Seeds Podcast is Lisa Geers

Meet Lisa Geers whose many roles include being the Executive in Charge of Production for Pre-Game Entertainment at the USA Super Bowl for 10 years, numerous USA Democratic Conventions and Inauguarations along with a long list of other historical musical events which she has helped manifest onto our TV screens.

This podcast has something for everyone especially those involved in events/festivals.

This conversation is aimed at helping others achieve their vision and Lisa offers stories that demonstrate the need for wellbeing, focus, realistic achievable goals, adapting and pivoting, especially in a pandemic.
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