The Music Seeds offers Mindset and Wellbeing Coaching & Artist Development programs for musicians. These programs are either 13 or 26 weeks – meeting online via Zoom 1:1 with Sonny Southon each week to focus the lens of career goals, unpacking challenges and look at options for the best way forward to living their best life.
The Music Seeds was launched 2021 and is the initiative of Musician, Engineer, Producer, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Sonny Southon. She brings to the coaching sessions a wealth of experience from both inside and outside of the recording studio and is a qualified E-RYT500 YACEP Advanced Yoga Teacher who has studied physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing for over thirty years. She is a self-employed songwriter, engineer, producer and artist having signed both major publishing and recording contracts in the UK & USA as well as travelled the world solo as a musician.
The Music Seeds‘ purpose is to inspire and help navigate career paths by creating awareness of value, learning the importance of focus, passion, resilience and growth mindset needed to build a viable and sustainable business whilst also creating life balance and wellbeing. These sessions unpack limiting beliefs, negative mindset, habits and the importance of establishing support systems that will sustain goals and wellbeing.
The Music Seeds has support from NZ Music Commission, NZ on Air and Pacific Business Trust.



The Music Seeds Podcasts – launched 2022 Sonny has interviewed successful creatives who have paved the way forward for other musicians, having navigated this complex and fast changing industry, creating their own incredible successful careers and contributed to the music of our generation. They share their experience and tips for success and the importance of wellbeing
Our first episode is a conversation with Lisa Geers. Lisa’s many roles include being the Executive in Charge of Production for Pre-Game Entertainment at the USA Super Bowl (10 years), Democratic Conventions and Inaugurations along with a long list of other historical events she has helped manifest onto our screens. The conversation is aimed at helping others achieve goals and is an offering of stories that demonstrate the need for wellbeing, focus, aligning goals with passion and pivoting  in the face of COVID .
Listen to Series 1 Episode 1

“You’re a great life coach Sonny, and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the progress you’ve helped me make in my professional and personal life. I wouldn’t be this far along in my vision and goals or have this much courage to push forward without your support”

Neha Gate (Musician/Guitarist for Grove Roots, Amba Holly, Sianne Daugherty)

“Sonny has really helped me with her coaching by helping me narrow down what I really want and also supporting me through those goals I have set. While she does push me towards completing goals, in the best way possible, what I also admire about her coaching is that she takes into account that challenges happen in life. She helps me by supporting me and how I can navigate around them and change schedules to best suit my mental wellbeing needs.

Peyton Morete (NZ singer/songwriter)

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