For all artists, musicians, engineers, producers, event managers, PR and anyone else working within the Music Industry

The Music Seeds launched April 2021 and is the initiative of Mindset Coach and Musician, Sonny Southon. It’s purpose is to inspire and help map out career paths, create awareness of value, and understand the mindset and actions needed to build a sustainable business in the music industry.
Sonny is a certified Mindset Coach and brings to the coaching table a wealth of experience and knowledge from inside and outside the recording studio, as a songwriter, engineer, producer and performing artist. Having signed both major publishing and recording contracts in the UK, there isn’t much Sonny hasn’t done or encountered on her musical journey. More about Sonny …..
Complimenting the 1:1 coaching sessions are The Music Seeds Podcasts’launching 2021 – where Sonny interviews successful creatives who have paved the way forward into this complex and fast changing industry, with their own successful careers and have contributed to the music of our generation.

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