Mindset Coaching for Creatives in the Music Industry

Be inspired, take the hand and guidance from others who have paved the way to achieve success in their careers and are now living their best life.

The Music Seeds is the initiative of Sonny Southon, a Certified Mindset Coach offering one2one coaching programmes. She helps artists map out the best trajectory towards success, keeping them focused, on track and creating the necessary mindset, habits and actions needed to achieve a sustainable business doing what they love.
Sonny is a successful musician, singer-songwriter as well a certified Yoga Teacher with years of study in Trauma, Health & Well-being, Mindfulness Meditation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-linguistic programming.
The Music Seeds Podcasts’ – launching March 2021 – will be hosted fortnightly by Sonny. She creates conversations about mindset, habits and the ability to recognise opportunities. She will be interviewing talented successful creatives that have contributed to the music of our generation.
Join Sonny for these informal chats, hear how successful creatives began their journey and then navigated the sometimes rocky road towards finally having a successful career.
If you are interested in chatting with Sonny about a one2one coaching programme feel free to email her to set up a free 15 minute Zoom meeting.

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